Junior Suite Terrace

It is unique. Naturally, like the hotel’s other Junior Suites it features personalized decor and its antique furniture as well as its carefully sourced refined objects instill a unique atmosphere.

It features ample volumes and a generous 50sqmfloor area offering a perfect combination of comfort and elegance. But this suite has more than that… The treasure that makes it really unique is its wonderful private terrace with a view of the French patio just below. The ultimate privilege in the middle of Paris! A secret place over-flowing with greenery, hidden from prying eyes thanks to carefully grown hedges. The perfect place to have breakfast in summer or enjoy the pleasure of a glass of champagne for two, comfortably settled in the armchairs overlooking the classic architecture of a magnificent Parisian inner courtyard.

A room with a view? Even better than a suite, this is an irresistible invitation to experience truly authentic French romanticism.

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