La Pagode de Cos

La Pagode de Cos

In a chic yet relaxed area preserving all the innate elegance of the Grand Salon gracing this 19th century private apartment, Executive Chef Jérôme Banctel offers an innovative culinary “spice route” journey. He takes us to India, China and Japan, as well as to Vietnam, through a series of must-taste dishes representing each of these destinations.

Diners at the restaurant will be able to savor scallops, lemongrass-infused soup, vegetable Dim Sum, rã-yu vinaigrette, as well as shredded beef, tapioca noodles and coriander.

 “The menu dreamed up by Jérôme Banctel not only stars some of his favorite spices, but also comprises the quintessential dishes from La Réserve Paris. La Pagode de Cos aims to serve a Parisian, French and Francophile audience looking for excellent cuisine in a warm and welcoming setting, and who are delighted to surrender themselves to the chef’s talents as he guides them on an amazing culinary journey.”

Jean-Luc Naret
CEO La Réserve Hotels, Apartments, Villas and Spa


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