Paris privately, Paris exclusively…

Paris privately, Paris exclusively…

For visitors from all over the world, Paris is a party… For guests of La Réserve Paris – Hotel and Spa, Paris must be as dazzling as their most beautiful dreams.

Thanks to the endless resources of the Concierge and the passionate commitment of the teams, they will have an opportunity to discover Parisian life from all angles, even the rarest and most confidential.

Enjoy a privileged, private side of Paris; get behind-the-scenes access to the historical landmarks and cultural hubs of the city’s vibrant life. The service offered by La Réserve finds new expressions here, with brand-new experiences to offer others or simply spoil oneself with a range of unexpected surprises that make every stay unforgettable.

Over and above these suggestions for tailor-made experiences, the team at La Réserve Paris seeks to delight every guest by personalizing his or her stay with a host of special gestures attuned to their tastes, preferences and little pleasures, which are carefully noted on each visit… No effort is spared to offer a completely different Paris, bearing the inimitable stamp of La Réserve.


Master strock


Thomas Fefin, Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2019...


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La Réserve in poetry


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A delicious weekend


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