+33 (0) 1 58 36 60 66
[email protected]
42 Avenue Gabriel, 75008 Paris, France

Opening Hours
Open from Monday to Friday
Lunch: 12:30pm to 1:30pm
Dinner: 7:30pm to 9:30pm

During the summer’s major sporting events, Le Gabriel will be exceptionally open until 9 August.

The restaurant requires smart and elegant attire. Please avoid casual wear (shorts, sportswear, caps, open shoes for men).
Dogs are not allowed.

Signature restaurant


Our signature restaurant Le Gabriel earned 3 Michelin stars. An ultimate recognition for the Chef Jérôme Banctel, who reaches the highest degree of excellence within the realm of French gastronomy. Read more

Still the same yet so different. Three menus, an informal and cheerful atmosphere, a whole new way of enjoying the cuisine at La Réserve Paris’ signature restaurant… The up-to-the-minute Le Gabriel is driven by Michel Reybier’s cherished values of authenticity and simplicity and by the passionate energy of the three Michelin-starred Chef Jérôme Banctel.

In a world where everything has changed and where the desire to treat oneself has never been so compelling, Le Gabriel is looking to offer new gourmet experiences.

Amid a relaxed, on-trend atmosphere, it’s a new departure for destination the world. Through different menus, the chef invites you to take a journey through his culinary exploration… without ever leaving Paris. “Escale”, “Virée”, and “Périple” reflect the mood of the moment and Le Gabriel’s deep-rooted identity: its attachment to the chef’s Breton roots, his love of beautiful, ultra-fresh produce, used at its peak. The menus are frequently renewed according to availability and the inspiration of the moment.

“Escale” – a lunch in four or five services revealing the essence of Jérôme Banctel’s cuisine and the seasons. Ideal for a business lunch.
Lunch 4-course menu / 98 € for lunch only (except on public holidays)
Lunch 5-course menu / 148 € for lunch only (except on public holidays)

” Virée” – a seven-course or nine-course menu for lunch or dinner embodying the chef’s favorite choices with a focus on the land and sea of his native Brittany and the memories of his first 17 years. Head west for the spirit of Le Gabriel in its original form.
“Virée” 7-course menu / 278 € lunch & dinner
“Virée” 9-course menu / 378 € lunch & dinner

“Périple” – more than a seven-course or a nine-course menu, this is a culinary odyssey in sync with the chef’s inspiration. This long journey begins in Paris as always and then makes stopovers in different countries of the world, thanks to recipes featuring eclectic and subtle influences. Unforgettable.
“Périple” 7-course menu / 278 € lunch & dinner
“Périple” 9-course menu / 378 € lunch & dinner