Grand Palais Suite

Like the emblematic monument after which it is named, the Grand Palais suite embodies the art of living on a grand scale that is so very rare in Paris. As soon as guests cross the threshold, they immediately find themselves in an extremely beautiful Parisian apartment from the Belle Epoque: an age when there was no stinting on square meters nor on volumes, which are truly extraordinary here. In 1900, the Grand Palais had been built to magnify “French art” at the World’s Fair. Today, this suite also pays tribute to a proud French heritage, with its authentic Napoleon III furniture, its antiques lovingly collected over the years, as well as its historical or contemporary works bridging the centuries. Playing the role of guest star, the Eiffel Tower may be admired from the balcony, as can the majestic glass roof of the Grand Palais. As soon as night falls, the magnificently illuminated monument puts on a show of which one never tires.

This over 200 sq.m. suite is composed of two generous lounge areas, two private bars, a wine cellar offering Grand Cru vintages, two bedrooms, each with its own large dressing room, and a Carrara marble bathroom featuring a bathtub with a view over the Eiffel Tower or the Grand Palais, an Italian-style shower and twin vanity sinks.