Magazine La Réserve

Magazine La Réserve


For this new issue, La Réserve magazine has chosen to pay tribute to originality, which drives creation, invention and constant renewal. An entire state of mind that refuses established conventions and prefers to explore uncharted territory in search of new experiences and ideas. All the guest contributors to this issue have chosen daring paths and have made originality more than just a source of inspiration, but indeed a philosophy. Among there are Amélie Nothomb, a singular figure in the literary world; Yiqing Yin, a rising star of haute couture; Xavier Niel, an atypical entrepreneur who is a ‘rare specimen’ in the media; Idriss Aberkane, a gifted and iconoclastic scientist; and Mika, an artist with incredible talent and uncompromising sincerity.

We are delighted to share with you our sense of wonderment at their talent and their open-mindedness. In little touches or through sweeping intuitions, their originality changes the world.

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