La Pagode de Cos


In tribute to Cos d’Estournel, Second Grand cru classé and owned by Michel Reybier, La Pagode de Cos invites you to on a culinary spice route journey. Why?

Since its beginnings, Cos d’Estournel wine surpassed the ratings of the most prestigious vintages and was exported as far afield as India. Its founder, Louis Gaspard d’Estournel became the “Maharaja of Saint-Estèphe” and to celebrate his far-off conquests, he had exotic pagodas built over his cellars.

This originality is echoed by Jérôme Banctel in an innovative menu. Gilthead seabream avocado, radish and Siamese sauce tartare; Scallops, lemongrass infused soup; Minced beef, tapioca noodles and coriander; Pineapple caramelized with Paï Mu Tan tea … Foodies in search of brand new flavors on the spice route are sure to be delighted with what they discover at La Pagode de Cos.

And if you don’t happen to be a fan of travel, rest assured that the spice route continues to run parallel (albeit with a hint of mischief) to all your usual favorites at La Réserve.

Daily from 12 noon to 11 pm – A la carte or dish of the day for 34 euros / person.

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